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Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal

Dear Parents and friends,

I am honored to be a member of the BIBS Shunyi family. I started working for BIBS at the Kunming campus. I was immediately impressed with the integration of Chinese and Western educational ideas. I believe BIBS has one of the best formulas for bilingual education. We take our content standards from the Chinese education commission, which is to say that we teach the specific learning targets aimed for by the national curriculum. We use an IB approach to learning, which means that our teachers try to develop students’ sense of agency and independence though an inquiry approach to that curriculum. We are also WASC accredited. This means that we self-reflect as a school and try to make sure our school wide focus is kept on student learning.

It is easy to see that BIBS motto of“Love, Care and Support”came from kindergarten roots. Yet, these words still govern every aspect of what we do. As an educator with extensive high school experience, I appreciate working in an organization which remembers that we should approach all student issues from a place of “Love, Care and Support.”It is with these concepts in mind that we can build the foundation from which our students can flourish.

One of the best parts of BIBS school is their efforts to build a strong PTA. Parents are not only given agency within the school to discuss issues but also a chance to support curriculum initiatives and co-curricular activities. I have found that parent involvement to have a direct positive impact on student involvement.

I look forward to working with you to help BIBS students graduate as well-rounded young adults with the college admissions of their dreams.


Dr. Mark Jacobsen